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Publicis Use Case Examples

Explore the selection below for use cases to help strategize how Quid can be leveraged to help clients in different industries.

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Use Case Examples

Explore these use cases to help strategize how Quid can be leveraged to help clients in different industries.

  • Discover a Niche

    1 American Food ComglomerateAmerican Food Conglomerate Discovers a Niche Foodie Culture

    Quid's natural language processing takes millions of data points and uncovers cultural insights in minutes.

    • Create an Audience (A3D) topic for foodies, using keywords such as gastronome, food blogger, and #gourmet to identify relevant authors.

    • Create a theme for related events (e.g., festivals, culinary tours, restaurant openings).

    • Findings from the above audience analysis can inform future partnerships. Watch this Publicis-exclusive Audience Analysis webinar to learn more.
  • Explore Data

    2 Aeronoutics CompanyAeronautics Company Enhances Space Technologies With Quid Connect

    With Quid Connect integrated into their processes, the aeronautics company found their ‘one source of truth’ to curate data and prioritize information.

    In the realm of space exploration and
    technology, this organization stands as a
    pioneering force, constantly seeking novelways to enhance their capabilities. A representative of the Office of Technology Policy and Strategy, faced the challenge of harnessing the rapidly evolving information landscape to further the company’s missions.

  • Identify Risks

    5 International Banking GroupInternational Banking Group identifies risks to brand health in real-time

    Quid Natural Language Processing improves International Banking Group’s ability to confidently detect, evaluate, and report on brand health across social channels.

  • Understand Trends

    3 Multinational FastFood ChainA Multinational Fast Food Chain Masters Breakfast with Quid

    Quid helped a multinational food chain understand the impact of cultural trends on the food industry.

      • Set up an Any Metric Alert for significant changes in net sentiment or other benchmarked metrics.
      • Receive an Any Mention Alert for posts meeting specific criteria, such as a post from a prominent influencer. Any Mention Alerts are also impactful for comprehensive monitoring during crisis situations.

    • Engage the Quid Team about creating a Live Pulse to track and display real-time conversations during a launch, live event, or campaign.

  • Customer Context

    4 American Food BrandAmerican Food Brand's Sales Surge by 138% with Customer Context

    Quid helped this brand understand consumer behavior and extract the most important attributes that consumers valued.