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Quid provides agencies with social media insights to help them retain clients and grow their business. From the pitch, to the creative brief, to project execution and real-time campaign management, Quid delivers maximum visibility and impact to every agency and their clients.

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About Quid

Using Generative AI, Quid is the only platform that provides a holistic view of your customers’ context. Going beyond just capturing data, Quid views data through the lens of the future. Smarter than just listening. More intuitive. More insightful. Turning patterns into predictions and predictions into profits. 


  Why Use Quid Monitor?

Learn a bit more about how the Quid Monitor platform can help you and your clients across a wide variety of use cases.

Create Winning Client Pitches

Every agency is only one pitch away from landing their next big client. Next-Gen AI-driven analytics will set you apart from your competitors, offering a wealth of data-driven insights available in real time. Come to any pitch armed with a well-researched plan that shows you're the best agency for their business. 

Easily identify and understand: 
  • Brand perception and competitive share of voice
  • Industry trends and themes affecting the marketplace
  • Influential brand advocates and detractors
  • Where the most relevant conversation happens and the tone around it
Whiskey and Bourbon Crosstab
Use the Crosstab function to show how your client performs against competitors

Example Dashboard

Develop Data-Driven Campaign Strategies

Data doesn’t lie. Agencies use Quid's Next Gen AI to share with clients how consumers feel about their brand. These insights help a brand understand its place in the market and fuel the strategy and benchmarks for a successful project or campaign. Understanding the who, what, and where informs the creative and media placement that are relevant to a brand's audience to deliver powerful storytelling that feels authentic and organic.

Insights from the Quid Monitor platform help identify:
  • Who the audience is for targeted messaging and outreach
  • What consumers talk about to inform the content, tone, and messaging
  • Where consumers talk about a brand to identify media placement and strategies

Measure & Report Your Success

In addition to offering insights to guide strategy, the Quid Monitor platform makes it easy to monitor and measure core KPIs, enabling agencies to show ROI on the campaigns they are running for their clients, measuring the value an agency provides to their clients. This also allows agencies to quantify the lift they get from their campaigns to understand the kind of content that is driving the most engagements, and the impact influencers have on brand messaging. 

  • Measure change in consumer sentiment or behavior during and after a campaign
  • Measure lift on owned/earned/partnered media
  • Identify content driving engagement with your target audience
  • Measure the impact of influencers on brand sentiment and passion intensity
Quid provides a variety of reporting options

Example Campaign Performance Dashboard

Drive Higher Client Revenue and Retention

Reporting provides an excellent opportunity to show value and grow existing agency client work. Many agencies start with one brand report and then branch into doing more research and reporting to add additional value to the agency-client relationship and further delivering the importance of data-driven strategy.

  • Brand Health Reporting
  • Category and Market Trend Reporting
  • Campaign Performance Reporting
  • Crisis Tracking and Reporting
  • Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual Reporting

Monetize Social Analytics to Create Value and Differentiation

Social insights can offer opportunities to build a data-driven environment that is also a profit generation model for the agency. Agencies can monetize analytics in various ways to maximize their investment and offer a value-add to clients.

  • Package social media reporting and data into clear offerings that fit client needs
  • Embed a technology fee into all SOWs
  • Sell Business User seats or Live Reports for direct client access to real-time insights
Example Quid Live Pulse

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