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Quid Discover

The first and only contextual AI platform, Quid Discover helps you look at all your customers' data in a totally new way. Millions of raw data points from different channels are organized, connected, and visualized. Creating customer context that lets you see what’s next and allows you to deeply understand the conversation and prioritize what matters. Unmet needs are found, trends are uncovered, and strategic decisions are made with unprecedented, efficient clarity. 

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Unstructured data become actionable insights

When faced with so much raw data from so many different sources, it can feel impossible to analyze, connect, and prioritize. That’s where Quid Discover comes in. Billions of data points are unraveled and organized to identify the most important themes and insights. No mysteries. No guesswork. Just a clear understanding of your customers and business landscape so you can stay ahead of the competition and make smarter, faster decisions. 


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Enhanced productivity with Generative AI

Our unique ‘black box to glass box’ AI model provides greater transparency and automates repetitive tasks so you can spend more time focusing on how to action insights.

AI search generates a smart set of keywords for your query, saving you time spent on desk research and allowing you to get answers to your questions faster.



From Bird’s Eye to Deep Dive

Customer and market intelligence far beyond the limitations of conventional methods. With full control over each analysis, you can get a bird’s eye view of everything in your dataset and then dive deeper into the discussions that interest you most.



Full Customization

Full ability to customize allows you to dig deeper or fine-tune your results from our built-in data sets, or even your own uploaded data. Curate your analysis by isolating portions of the network, highlighting competitor data, and setting custom filters. And, when you’re ready, create exportable data visualizations that illustrate your key findings.



See what your peers have to say. From marketing to customer experience, data science, and consumer insights, see what users across industries have to say about Quid.

  • Powerful Tool For generating insights

    Top marks for usability. Setting up topics and sample feeds to get the right data is very easy. I love the dashboard functionality, too, and have used it to build customized reporting for clients. I am a heavy user of the Quid network visualization.

  • lots of power, even more flexibility

    We thoroughly evaluated platforms for measuring and monitoring earned media across social and traditional media channels. Quid checked all the boxes and provided all the core metrics along with a key area that entailed a comparison of brands/products against features and buying criteria.

  • An exceptional tool to solve client queries

    I love using Quid's ability to easily interpret insights from structured and unstructured datasets and display them in visually effortless formats. This helps us gain competitive intelligence, understand the market landscape, analyze media narratives, and gauge consumer sentiment.

  • An Indispensable Research Tool!

    I use Quid like anyone would use Google Search. With Quid, I can quickly ramp up my understanding and knowledge of any topic I'm asked to research by our engineers, designers, and/or business development teams.

  • AI-Powered Social Listening and Insights Tool

    Quid provides valuable assistance in regards to monitoring our brand's reputation in real-time, as well as in comparison to our competitors. This allows us to promptly measure the effectiveness of any campaign we launch and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

  • Making us look good

    The visualizations make us look good to clients- especially when they are the kinds of clients who love getting into the nitty-gritty of the data. The data visualizations help our analysts easily digest the data we have. It moves us from search to cleaning to unpacking to insights much more quickly than other tools.

Quid Discover

Quid Discover helps you uncover insights in a totally new way. Millions of raw data points from different channels are organized, connected, and visualized. Quid Discover allows you to create customer and market context and see what's next while allowing you to deeply understand customer conversations, media trends, corporate innovation, funding and more. Unmet needs are found, trends are uncovered, and strategic decisions are made with unprecedented, efficient clarity.

Visualize connections to understand what's really going on.


Quid Monitor

The world doesn’t stop for anyone or any business. As the market-leading social media analytics tool, Quid Monitor seamlessly connects with the most comprehensive set of consumer and market intelligence data sources to take social media analytics to unprecedented heights.

Find and continuously track millions of conversations in real time.


Quid Predict

Quid Predict filters out the noise, sifting through millions of weak signals to continuously discover emerging themes or entities across any topic of interest. By uncovering what is important now and predicting future relevance, Quid Predict guides your focus to the most significant trends or opportunities. By consistently seeing around the corner for what’s next, you can better allocate time and resources, supercharging your organization with proactive, data-driven decisions.

Bring your future into focus.

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Quid Compete

It’s hard to know what success looks like until you can see where you stand. Quid Compete helps you make smarter social media choices by giving you a clear vision of your digital impact. A panoramic view of performance and market position lets you pinpoint what works, optimize results and outperform the competition. 


Your compass in the digital world.

Quid compete

Quid Connect

Quid Connect allows you to continuously pass data and metrics out of the Quid environment, expanding the possibilities for how you incorporate Quid insights into your decision making. Real-time integration facilitates fast action on what matters most, including emerging trends, market shifts, or competitive activity. Clear, accurate, and automated insights empower data-driven decisions so you can move in the right direction: forward.

Expand your possibilities.


"What people sometimes fail to understand is that Quid is not a solution for the marketing department or the consumer insights department. Quid is a solution to enable better insights and collaboration for the entire organization."

Greg Creed, Former CEO of Taco Bell and Yum! Brands

Who we help

Quid enables you to consolidate customer context efforts across the entire organization.

  • Marketing

    Your Strategic Advantage in Data-Driven Marketing. The platform for end-to-end marketing insights, predictive trend analysis, and data-backed decision-making.

  • Consumer Insights

    Helps you fully understand consumer behaviors to innovate in products, services, or marketing.  Keep up to speed with your consumers by collecting live, real time data from across the globe.

  • Data Science

    Get real-time consumer and market data integrated with your business intelligence systems for smarter decision-making.

  • Customer Experience

    Unearth your customers' most important needs and expectations to craft a personalized experience that stands out from the crowd.
  • Agencies

    Illustrate your agency’s expertise by quickly developing data-driven pitches, whether it's demonstrating knowledge of a clients business, diving deeper into a market and competitive landscape, or developing a unique marketing strategy.  

  • Communications 

    Deep Insights and Real-Time Alerts. 

    Proactively respond to a crisis by being alerted in real time. You can quickly analyze signals from consumers or the market, and understand the impact so you can always have the right response.