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A New Chapter Begins

We're excited to introduce our new brand, a unified product suite enhanced with Generative AI, dedicated to offering you unmatched predictive market insights and customer context.


Our Promise Stays the Same

While we evolve, our dedication to quality, innovation, and, most importantly, you, remains unchanged. As we look to the future, you can expect even more innovation aimed at ensuring your success.

What's changing?

Our name

We're stepping forward as Quid. Yet, our parent company and legal entity will continue to be NetBase Solutions, Inc.  To ensure you continue to receive important company and product communication, be sure to whitelist in your email client. 

Visual Identity

Our revamped logo and contemporary design aesthetics mirror our commitment to progress and precision.


Starting October 4, you'll find us at

Product Suite

We've organized our tools into a cohesive product suite: Quid Monitor, Quid Discover, Quid Compete, Quid Predict, and Quid Connect.  

For now, access to each product remains unchanged -- no need to update any bookmarks or URLs.  In the coming months, our product URLs will align under to reflect our new brand. We will provide you with advanced notification via email and in-app messaging.

Quid Discover

Quid Discover helps you uncover insights in a totally new way. Millions of raw data points from different channels are organized, connected, and visualized. Quid Discover allows you to create customer and market context and see what's next while allowing you to deeply understand customer conversations, media trends, corporate innovation, funding and more. Unmet needs are found, trends are uncovered, and strategic decisions are made with unprecedented, efficient clarity.


Visualize connections to understand what's really going on.


Quid Monitor

The world doesn’t stop for anyone or any business. As the market-leading social media analytics tool, Quid Monitor seamlessly connects with the most comprehensive set of consumer and market intelligence data sources to take social media analytics to unprecedented heights.

Find and continuously track millions of conversations in real time.


Quid Predict

Quid Predict filters out the noise, sifting through millions of weak signals to continuously discover emerging themes or entities across any topic of interest. By uncovering what is important now and predicting future relevance, Quid Predict guides your focus to the most significant trends or opportunities. By consistently seeing around the corner for what’s next, you can better allocate time and resources, supercharging your organization with proactive, data-driven decisions.

Bring your future into focus.

Predict (2)

Quid Compete

It’s hard to know what success looks like until you can see where you stand. Quid Compete helps you crush your competition with on-demand social media analytics, alerts, and custom reports. Companies all over the world rely on Quid Compete to help them make smarter social media decisions. We feature all of your paid, organic, and competitive social stats alongside the customizable dashboards and reports of your dreams.


Your compass in the digital world.

Quid compete

Quid Connect

Quid Connect allows you to continuously pass data and metrics out of the Quid environment, expanding the possibilities for how you incorporate Quid insights into your decision making. Real-time integration facilitates fast action on what matters most, including emerging trends, market shifts, or competitive activity. Clear, accurate, and automated insights empower data-driven decisions so you can move in the right direction: forward.


Expand your possibilities.


Questions? We're Here to Help

Ensuring your smooth transition to our new branding is our utmost priority. Anytime you need clarity or assistance, our team is ready to assist.
Simply reach out to your main point of contact or send an email to