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Quid provides a suite of products designed for organizations to harness data-driven insights, deepening their understanding of consumers and markets. Our AI-driven products spot emerging trends, pinpoint fresh opportunities, and keep a pulse on crucial metrics.

Crafted for scale, ease of use and precision, Quid delivers insights organization-wide while adapting seamlessly to unique business needs.

Proven enterprise-wide by the world’s most valuable brands

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See what your peers have to say. From marketing to customer experience, data science, and consumer insights, see what users across industries have to say about Quid.

  • Powerful Tool For generating insights

    Top marks for usability. Setting up topics and sample feeds to get the right data is very easy. I love the dashboard functionality, too, and have used it to build customized reporting for clients. I am a heavy user of the Quid network visualization.

  • lots of power, even more flexibility

    We thoroughly evaluated platforms for measuring and monitoring earned media across social and traditional media channels. Quid checked all the boxes and provided all the core metrics along with a key area that entailed a comparison of brands/products against features and buying criteria.

  • An exceptional tool to solve client queries

    I love using Quid's ability to easily interpret insights from structured and unstructured datasets and display them in visually effortless formats. This helps us gain competitive intelligence, understand the market landscape, analyze media narratives, and gauge consumer sentiment.

  • An Indispensable Research Tool!

    I use Quid like anyone would use Google Search. With Quid, I can quickly ramp up my understanding and knowledge of any topic I'm asked to research by our engineers, designers, and/or business development teams.

  • AI-Powered Social Listening and Insights Tool

    Quid provides valuable assistance in regards to monitoring our brand's reputation in real-time, as well as in comparison to our competitors. This allows us to promptly measure the effectiveness of any campaign we launch and make necessary adjustments accordingly.

  • Making us look good

    The visualizations make us look good to clients- especially when they are the kinds of clients who love getting into the nitty-gritty of the data. The data visualizations help our analysts easily digest the data we have. It moves us from search to cleaning to unpacking to insights much more quickly than other tools.

"The speed to insight, being able to get a holistic view of the data rapidly, is where the tool really adds value."

Senior Director, Big 3 Management Consulting Firm

Quid: Amplify Business Value with Data.

A Statista study, commissioned by Quidd reveals the enterprise-wide benefits and ROI of consumer and market intelligence platform.

  • 100%

    Faster time to insights.

  • 82%

    Deeper understanding of consumers.

  • 73%

    Increase market share or entering new markets.