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Leading Sprinklr Alternative

Quid: One unified consumer and market intelligence platform that does it all.

  • Get real-time understanding of customer and market trends.
  • Most extensive consumer and market data coverage with access to major news outlets, social, blogs, review sites, and forums. 
  • 50% faster time to insights than any other consumer and market intelligence platforms. 

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Cost-Effective with Enhanced Capabilities

Experience a paradigm shift in affordability and capabilities. Our platform is not only cost-effective but also surpasses competitors in delivering a broad spectrum of features tailored to meet diverse customer needs.

  • Tailored Packages For Your Business.
  • Comprehensive Capabilities And State-Of-The-Art Features.
  • Affordable Advanced Processes.


Intuitive and User-Friendly Design

Unlock the power of seamless navigation and accessibility. Our platform leads the way with an intuitive interface, extensive knowledge base, and unparalleled support resources.

  • Deeper Analysis, No Training Required.
  • Complex Capabilities, Without Being Complicated.
  • Accessible And User-Friendly Interface.


Deeper insights

Discover why our platform leads the industry in providing unparalleled insights with accuracy, speed, and precision.

  • Market And Consumer Analytics Leader.
  • Insight Transparency, WIth Clear Data Sources,
  • Precision in Analysis, With Auditable Results. 

Solutions tailored to your needs

Quid enables you to consolidate customer context efforts across the entire organization.

  • Consumer Insights

    Helps you fully understand consumer behaviors to innovate in products, services, or marketing.  Keep up to speed with your consumers by collecting live, real-time data from across the globe.

  • Data Science

    Get real-time consumer and market data integrated with your business intelligence systems for smarter decision-making.

  • Customer Experience

    Unearth your customers' most important needs and expectations to craft a personalized experience that stands out from the crowd.
  • Marketing

    Your Strategic Advantage in Data-Driven Marketing. The platform for end-to-end marketing insights, predictive trend analysis, and data-backed decision-making.

  • Agencies

    Illustrate your agency’s expertise by quickly developing data-driven pitches, whether it's demonstrating knowledge of a clients business, diving deeper into a market and competitive landscape, or developing a unique marketing strategy.  

  • Communications 

    Deep Insights and Real-Time Alerts. Proactively respond to a crisis by being alerted in real time. You can quickly analyze signals from consumers or the market, and understand the impact so you can always have the right response.  

It's safe to say that Taco Bell wouldn't have had the success it has had without Quid.

Greg Creed - Former CEO YUM! Brands

Quid Discover

Quid Discover helps you uncover insights in a totally new way. Millions of raw data points from different channels are organized, connected, and visualized. Quid Discover allows you to create customer and market context and see what's next while allowing you to deeply understand customer conversations, media trends, corporate innovation, funding and more. Unmet needs are found, trends are uncovered, and strategic decisions are made with unprecedented, efficient clarity.


Visualize connections to understand what's really going on.


Quid Monitor

The world doesn’t stop for anyone or any business. As the market-leading social media analytics tool, Quid Monitor seamlessly connects with the most comprehensive set of consumer and market intelligence data sources to take social media analytics to unprecedented heights.

Find and continuously track millions of conversations in real time.


Quid Predict

Quid Predict filters out the noise, sifting through millions of weak signals to continuously discover emerging themes or entities across any topic of interest. By uncovering what is important now and predicting future relevance, Quid Predict guides your focus to the most significant trends or opportunities. By consistently seeing around the corner for what’s next, you can better allocate time and resources, supercharging your organization with proactive, data-driven decisions.

Bring your future into focus.

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Quid Compete

It’s hard to know what success looks like until you can see where you stand. Quid Compete helps you crush your competition with on-demand social media analytics, alerts, and custom reports. Companies all over the world rely on Quid Compete to help them make smarter social media decisions. We feature all of your paid, organic, and competitive social stats alongside the customizable dashboards and reports of your dreams.


Your compass in the digital world.

Quid compete

Quid Connect

Quid Connect allows you to continuously pass data and metrics out of the Quid environment, expanding the possibilities for how you incorporate Quid insights into your decision making. Real-time integration facilitates fast action on what matters most, including emerging trends, market shifts, or competitive activity. Clear, accurate, and automated insights empower data-driven decisions so you can move in the right direction: forward.


Expand your possibilities.