StarKist is a leading food industry brand headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA. The company has a rich history as the number one tuna brand and the first to introduce single-serve pouch tuna products. They’ve expanded into packing chicken and salmon and continue to evolve into a healthy food and lifestyle company.

Case study - Starkist

"Our research with Quid has given us valuable insights into consumer behavior and quantifiable data regarding conversations on various subject matters and product claims. This has enabled us to intelligently develop new products and flavors to expand our portfolio. And the result was a remarkable 138% increase in sales.”

Andy Moeck | Vice President of Marketing and Innovation, StarKist


Before partnering with Quid, StarKist relied on various forms of data to make decisions, including consumer studies, in-person product testing, and focus groups. None of it captured the consumers’ subconscious though, and it struggled to tease out the most important attributes to emphasize in its advertising and packaging.

StarKist was looking to develop new products and flavors to expand its portfolio, and understanding consumer preferences is crucial for success. They needed to discern what truly mattered to consumers, even when their conscious preferences differed from their subconscious behavior.


Quid's ability to uncover consumer sentiments and analyze social conversations at scale aligned perfectly with StarKist's goals. And it was instrumental in revamping their product graphics.

Quid offered quantifiable data taken from conversations on various subject matters and product claims. This insight guided them to focus more on ingredients with brighter colors and visible callouts on protein, calories, and bold flavor.


Quid helped StarKist understand consumer behavior and extract the most important attributes that consumers valued. It redesigned packaging and created new products and flavors aligned with these desires.

StarKist continues to explore the kinds of healthy, convenient foods consumers seek and how they plan to consume them. Research with Quid will help them continue to develop best-in-class, next-generation healthy products that fly off the shelves.


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    Reframed brand positioning for better consumer engagement, trust, and loyalty

  • 138%

    increase in sales due to strategic packaging and graphics redesign

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    Developed new products and flavors that consumers craved