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Advancements in Generative AI have made it possible for organizations to move faster and more intelligently than ever before. With the use of Quid, and guided by billions of data points, businesses are enabled to discern deep consumer insights and anticipate market shifts that meet their customers' needs at an earlier stage than ever before. But deciphering billions of data points, uncovering the most relevant patterns, and then crafting actionable insights can be a lengthy task—a task now made simpler with AI Summary.  

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Cashing in on the Wealth of Data 

For any organization to get the most out of a consumer and market intelligence tool, it’s crucial to have access to large amounts of data to gain a comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviors, preferences, and trends.  

With Quid and our advanced Generative AI model, businesses have access to the industry-leading consumer and market intelligence database to tap into thousands of ongoing consumer conversations from various types of media—including news, blogs, and social—to gather non-biased insights that inform strategic planning and enable real-time responses to emerging trends.

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However, the process of deciphering these immense data sets and customer analytics takes time. In scenarios when an instant response to a growing trend, a developing crisis, or even a cultural moment makes the difference between being relevant or missing the mark, organizations need to be equipped with tools that enable them to decipher insights with greater speed.  


The Good Thing: There’s Billions of Data Points. The Bad Thing: There’s Billions of Data Points.  

Embedded in the Quid platform, AI Summary extracts relevant and actionable key insights in an instant. Instead of combing through data points one by one, AI Summary automates the process of surfacing key ideas in your data, allowing you to quickly gain context on the content you’re analyzing. Now you can achieve faster time to insight while reducing errors and ensuring greater accuracy.  

Within seconds, you can figure out exactly what’s going on with your data without reading through thousands of posts. Identify specific topics and themes for true context-based insights by leveraging Large Language Model (LLM) technology combined with our industry-leading social and market data sets. Quid's AI Summary brings together real-time data with the power of generative AI helping you avoid the data gap which affects commercial LLMs like ChatGPT (whose training data gives them context only up to the end of their training data). 

As current marketplaces continue to evolve, and consumer needs and trends develop even faster, businesses don’t need to keep up, they need to stay ahead. Quid delivers the most relevant and insightful lens on your customer and market data. Within the Quid platform, AI Summary supercharges this data, providing automated, objective, and insightful context with a single click so you spend less time deciphering data and more time developing the strategic focus to capitalize on opportunities, address consumer needs, and gain a competitive edge.


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