Quid Announces Greg Creed as Chairman of the Board

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The blog announces Greg Creed's appointment as Chairman of the Board for Quid, highlighting his extensive leadership experience and vision for steering Quid's expansion through innovative AI-driven products like Quid Predict.

Key Points Overview

  • Greg Creed's rich background in executive roles at Yum! Brands and Unilever.
  • Quid's strategic direction under Creed includes a shift towards predictive AI tools.
  • Introduction of Quid Predict, enhancing real-time market and consumer insights.

Top Takeaways

  • Greg Creed’s leadership is expected to significantly drive Quid's strategic innovations.
  • Quid Predict leverages generative AI to deliver actionable, predictive insights.
  • Quid is poised to reshape industry standards through AI-driven market intelligence.


With Greg Creed at the helm and the launch of Quid Predict, Quid is set to revolutionize how organizations engage with consumer data, promising a significant edge in market adaptability and strategic foresight.

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Oct. 5, 2023 - Quid, formerly known as NetBase Quid, today announces that the company has elected Greg Creed as Chairman of the Board of Directors. 

Greg Creed brings over 40 years of experience in leadership roles with Yum! Brands and Unilever. Most recently, Creed was the CEO of Yum! Brands from January 2015 through December 2019. Prior to that, he served as CEO of Taco Bell, a role he took over in early 2011 after serving as president and chief concept officer. He has held various other roles within the two companies, including chief marketing officer for Taco Bell, and chief operating officer for Yum! Brands. Prior to joining Yum! Brands in 1994, Creed worked with Unilever in Australia, London, and New York. 

"We are delighted to have Greg Creed as our newly appointed Chairman," said Peter Caswell, CEO of Quid. "Greg's extensive expertise and depth across the globe, coupled with his track record in establishing strategic alliances, driving partnerships, and fostering strategies, brings invaluable insight to Quid's ongoing expansion. We are appreciative of Greg's guidance and look forward to leveraging his profound knowledge, support, and leadership as we transition from traditional social listening tools to fundamentally reshaping how organizations efficiently and simply predict, track, prioritize, and respond to trends and topics in near real-time."

The appointment of Creed coincides with the rebranding of Quid and the launch of a new suite of generative AI-driven products. Its flagship product - Quid Predict - is a powerful generative AI tool that filters through millions of data points and focuses on what matters most to your target audience and organization, saving time and resources. Trends are not only detected, but their relevance is weighed, measured, and forecasted in real-time. Quid Predict's advanced predictive AI engine helps surface insights to illuminate new opportunities and show patterns of emerging trends. It is the first business intelligence platform to proactively anticipate and navigate customer and market shifts.

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About Quid 
Quid stands at the forefront of AI-driven consumer and market intelligence. Our generative AI provides organizations with an unparalleled, holistic insight into customer context. Beyond just capturing data, Quid enables organizations to see data through the lens of the future. By moving beyond data analysis, Quid predicts future trends, bridging data collection with predictive accuracy. Trusted by the world's largest companies, including Ogilvy, T-Mobile, Lufthansa, and Walmart, Quid is the go-to partner for an in-depth understanding of customer and market dynamics.