Quid Rolls Out New Generative AI Prediction Tool

2023.Q3 - Blog Banner - PR - Quid Predict

SANTA CLARA, CA: Quid, formerly known as NetBase Quid, has launched Quid Predict, which uses generative artificial intelligence to help users surface insights and gain a deeper understanding of their customers.

Quid Predict is the fifth product in the company’s suite. Drawing on data from sources such as news, blogs and social media, the tool goes beyond social listening to uncover trends and themes that provide a contextual view of the customer, uncovering insights and weighing and measuring relevance. Quid Predict also uses a proprietary model to filter data points, pinpointing what is likely to become important to a brand versus a fad.

The tool will enable users to predict, track, prioritize and respond to events, providing a radar visualization of these trends. Rather than rely on a manual process or needing to tightly articulate search terms, Quid Predict can run a continuous scan, telling the user what’s important or relevant. Combined with a predictive component, it can be used to help users move from a reactive to a proactive stance. 

“It has always been easier for businesses to react to trends vs. proactively use them to their competitive advantage,” said Greg Creed, Quid chairman, via email. “Organizations have proportionally less information about what’s coming down the road compared to the view of where they’ve been. Built on the backbone of generative AI, Quid Predict will exceed the boundaries of just understanding your customer, it will provide a clear view of the road ahead helping executives make faster and better decisions.”

Quid Predict is one of a series of AI services that Quid has rolled out, including an AI search product that uses Boolean searches using generative AI. 


About Quid 
Quid stands at the forefront of AI-driven consumer and market intelligence. Our generative AI provides organizations with an unparalleled, holistic insight into customer context. Beyond just capturing data, Quid enables organizations to see data through the lens of the future. By moving beyond data analysis, Quid predicts future trends, bridging data collection with predictive accuracy. Trusted by the world's largest companies, including Ogilvy, T-Mobile, Lufthansa, and Walmart, Quid is the go-to partner for an in-depth understanding of customer and market dynamics.