Top 8 Customer Intelligence Platforms for 2022

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Customer intelligence platforms take the guesswork out of the consumer mindset equation. A robust platform ensures you understand what consumers love and the improvements they want to see from your products, removing assumptions from every part of your organization. And this insight impacts everything from your next idea to your marketing campaign development. How does that work? Let’s find out!

We’ll be dissecting what customer intelligence (CI) platforms are, and why you need them to inform every aspect of your business. Here are some stats to get us started:

  • 32% of customers say they would walk away from a brand after one bad experience; customer intelligence ensures this doesn’t happen.
  • There are 4.8 billion people online today – many are on the prowl for their next big purchase. Using CI to track consumers’ interests and behaviors will help your brand personalize your offering – at scale.
  • CI tools keep your brand’s messaging consistent. This builds trust for your company. People need to see information about your brand approximately seven times before they become a customer – and being consistent helps solidify that process.


What is Customer Intelligence?

Simply put, it’s a way to make sure you’re capturing the attention of your customers while increasing brand loyalty and awareness. And you want to capture the right attention, as 32% of customers say they would walk away after just one bad experience. If you have customer intelligence on your side, you can be sure this won’t happen.

Customer intelligence informs you of consumers’ interests, activities, trends, and other key details about them as they travel along their individual purchase paths. It helps brands tailor consumers’ shopping experiences and build stronger and lasting relationships with their customer base. It also helps brands fine-tune their engines.

As customers talk and shop, customer intelligence platforms are observing and categorizing all of it into easily digestible segments, informing your brand and enabling you to make more profitable decisions.

Not all customer intelligence platforms are created equally, however. So, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best out there. Let’s explore the top eight customer intelligence platform picks for 2021.

1. Quid®

Quid® has brands covered both from consumer and marketplace perspectives. From technology scouting to product innovation – we are your eye in the sky for what’s trending both in your industry and with your consumers globally.

With consumer intelligence, you can understand the public perception of your brand as well as compare it to your competition. Plus, you can keep an eye on shifting consumer sentiments, playing data detective to see what is driving them.

Every brand misses their mark at one point or another or commits a faux pas, but with Quid’s crisis management, you never have to worry about a messy PR event.

  • Monitor what consumers are saying about your products, even if they aren’t tagging you.
  • Track your consumers along the purchase path and see what’s keeping them from taking the plunge. This helps you creatively guide them in the right direction.

There’s so much to offer – from social analytics tools to market research. And we scour and reveal intel from blogs, professional papers, news and media sources, review sites, forums and of course social media. Cover all your bases with one tool that cleans your house from top to bottom and keeps it looking shiny and appealing.

2. Rival IQ

Rival IQ offers on-demand social media analytics, alerts, and custom reports. It combines all your paid, organic, and competitive social stats alongside the customizable dashboards, with comprehensive metrics and profile and post tracking on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Its social listening and search are next-level, helping brands identify influencers and brand advocates, as well as trending hashtags and keywords via its live social search features. It also integrates with Google Analytics, capturing all your social and web data as part of your competitive platform.

Brands compare their social performance against their full industry, or they can go head-to-head with their #1 rival with customizable landscapes and company filters.


3. Verint


It’s all about a consumer’s whole experience. And with Verint, it takes the consumers’ shopping safety into consideration. Their fraud detection uses voice biometrics to identify possible threats and frauds before they attack. By identifying these fraudsters, you improve your brand’s customer experience, which helps your consumers feel safe shopping with you. In the end, you can tailor consumer’s shopping experience to their unique tastes, but if they feel unsafe, you’ve lost time, money and brand trust.

4. Akami


Seamless and friction-free customer accounts. This tool helps high volume companies keep their customer preferences and detailed information separate and hassle free by having secure and easy customer log-ins. By using Akami’s identity clouds, you have the opportunity to analyze your consumer base and their purchases, increasing consumer-brand connections and driving engagement in an authentic way.

5. IBM Watson


Artificial Intelligence is no longer science fiction. As you well know, businesses are harnessing the power of this tech to help cultivate new customers and dial in their marketing strategies. Among other things, IBM Watson offers a chatbot that can be extremely useful in keeping up with the demands of consumers. IBM couples conversational AI with speech-to-text capabilities, making those initial chatbot conversations productive ones. And when the experience is done right, consumers actually really love using chatbots. So, paring Watson with your social analytics tool to be sure you get it right, could pay off.

6. Trustsphere


Consistent messaging is an integral part of communicating with your audience. Trustshpere keeps it that way by recording and filing all detailed interactions between consumer and company. It keeps all sales team members aware of previous communication with the consumer as well – this way your team cannot be surprised by the customer, and everyone stays on the same page. Once again, consistent brand messaging is driven home here and Truthsphere can help you attain it.

7. MVPindex


This one goes out to all the eSports companies out there. In 2020, essports gained new fans as everyone sought to be entertained in a safe way. MVPindex tracks and organizes esport audience behaviors, both physically and digitally. This context provides your company with intel that can be used to successfully market and push your consumers along the purchase path. And for extra points, it even offers sponsorship evaluation – you will know who’s working for you, and who isn’t. Or also see who may be a great future partner!

8. Google Analytics


Tried and true analytics for any brand wanting to know a bit more about their consumer base and what makes them tick. See which of your pages are driving better engagements, and measure your consumers’ interest in your brand, products and more. It’s can get as granular as your analytics skills allow, so it’s an area where a company should consider leveling up to better understand its potential!

And you could use any of these tools together, but it’s better to have a tool than can do everything – or at least almost everything, with “everything” possible thanks to next-level integration options. x